We understand the value of elegant, classic design for our industry: where form and function are always closely intertwined and vehicles are expected to comfortably and efficiently serve passengers for up to forty years.

We are much more than a creative design agency. As well as developing inspirational ideas and solutions for all aspects of rail vehicle interior and exterior design, we specialise in ensuring that our clients’ design aspirations can be realised. We do this by having the industry knowledge, skills and experience to faithfully translate good design into production and service reality. We can support this process every step of the way, forming a bridge between design, engineering and delighted passengers.

Collaboration on UK, international and multi-national projects.

30 years design experience in new-build, upgrades & refurbishments.

Expertise in a wide range of passenger rail vehicle design disciplines.

I have worked with Graham for over 15 years and I have always been pleased and proud to partner with his business. I am confident I can look to him for innovative and market leading solutions.
— Paul Sutherland - Head of Fleet Management, Eversholt UK Rails Group

Our ethos is flexibility: assembling and leading the perfect team for each project. We combine our skills with talent, expertise and experience from our wide range of long standing associates to successfully deliver projects.

Throughout the course of three major rolling stock bids in Sydney and Melbourne, Graham has been a well respected and highly valued member of our team. Whether working alongside us here in Australia or remotely from the UK, Graham has consistently delivered output of the highest quality which has undoubtedly contributed to bid success.
— John Seale - Major Projects Director, Downer Group

Our ability is in understanding and pushing the art of the possible: working with the applicable standards, legislation, manufacturing requirements and operational constraints, always with the aim of delighting passengers.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Graham on several projects over the last 16 years. Without exception he has always delivered fantastic and innovative results, sometimes in difficult circumstances when scope and budgets changed late in the day. The strong relationships he has developed with many sub-suppliers is another asset he brings to any project.”
— Aileen Jordan - Chief Operating Officer, Cross London Trains

Almost all of our work is subject to non-disclosure agreements so, unfortunately, we cannot share it with you. Where non-disclosure agreements permit, we look forward to continuously updating our website to bring you new and exciting examples of Dunstanville’s output. We would also like to credit Atlantic Design Projects Limited, Downer, Hitachi, The Jackdaw Magazine, Marcus Lyall, The National Railway Museum, Oliver Pelling, Passenger Transport Victoria, Rica and Siemens: thanks to all for their support.